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How can we become a P4C school?

P4C China is a  DialogueWorks accredited training center providing P4C training for the Greater China region.  We support every stage of the  P4C School program (Experimental, 4Cs and Model School stages).

P4C China School program

Stage 1:  Candidate School

    2 days P4C Foundation training for up to 25 staff
    2 days in-school trainer support
    Phone support from a P4C expert
    RMB 40,000 - 50,000
    Time:  12 - 18 months

Stage 2: 4Cs School

    Top up P4C Foundation training for new staff

    3 days Advanced P4C training for 25 staff
    3 days in-school trainer support
    Phone support from a P4C expert
    RMB 55,000 - 60,000

    Time:  18 - 24 months

Stage 3: P4C Model School

    P4C China will provide the training and support required to maintain P4C Model School status.  
    Top-up Foundation Training and Advanced P4C Training for new teachers
    Further in-school P4C coaching
    Developing your P4C leader to become an accredited P4C China trainer

    Continuing resource provision
    Costs depend on requirements

To be successful with P4C:

    You must confirm an intention to embed P4C in the school’s teaching and learning;
    You should include P4C in the school’s strategic plan;
    Your school’s values need to be consistent with those of P4C;
    Your teachers must attend the P4C training sessions;
    You must nominate a P4C leader;
    You must timetable regular P4C sessions;
    You should evaluate the impact of P4C;
    You should participate in practice-sharing with other P4C schools.

We will 
review this with you when you start the program.  Then we can confirm your school as a P4C Experimental School.  We will then review progress with you twice a year in line with the P4C School criteria.

Contact us to discuss the program and to 
make P4C happen in your school.

Interested in us? Please contact us for more details

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